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  • Almost Forgotten

    An evening talk bChris Davies on the Aviation accidents in the Cheviot Hills. (Free for Hostel Residents)
    Guided Walk by Reiver Guiding of the sites (£15pp)
    2nd June – 3rd June 2018
    Chris Davies has agreed to come along to the Wooler Youth Hostel on the 2nd June at 7:30pm and give a talk on the events leading up to these tragic accidents and also what happened in the aftermath. 
    The next Day (Sunday 3rd June) Reiver Guiding (Based at the Hostel) in conjunction with Lone Tree Hill Outdoor experience will be hosting a guided walk (approx. 10 miles) to visit these sites on the Cheviot.

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  • Group Discounts

    Wooler is an ideal base for those looking for good value, comfortable accommodation with easy access to walking, cycling and outdoor sporting activities and events. North Northumberland and the Cheviots are fast becoming one of the most popular places in the UK for outdoor events, and we already host two trail races, Trail Outlaws Wooler Trail Marathon and the 63 year old Chevy Chase. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.  Group discounts are available.



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Monday, 01 April 2013 16:04

Immerse yourself in the Cheviot Hills


After a day exploring the Cheviots what could be better than coming back to your own cosy hideout in the hills? The Shepherds of a previous generation spent lambing time in wheeled huts out with their flocks. These cosy mobile shelters were towed by horses into the hills and fells. As part of a recent investment and refurbishment programme we have added a little romance to the hostel by installing four brand new Shepherds' huts, in the grounds.
Similar to a Romany caravan, with a curved roof and cast iron wheels, they mimic the mobile huts that once dotted the Northumbrian Hills from the mid 18th-19th century.

Built by local craftsmen the design and exact measurements were taken from an abandoned hut found in the Cheviot Hills so they are a completely authentic replica of the huts that once provided shelter for Northumbrian shepherds.
The huts, which are unique to the North Northumberland region, are fully insulated. Each hut sleeps two in twin bunks and all have electric light, heating and cosy duvets. Located in the spacious hostel gardens, those staying in the huts can, unlike shepherds of old, use all of its facilities.