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    Wooler is an ideal base for those looking for good value, comfortable accommodation with easy access to walking, cycling and outdoor sporting activities and events. North Northumberland and the Cheviots are fast becoming one of the most popular places in the UK for outdoor events, and we already host two trail races, Trail Outlaws Wooler Trail Marathon and the 63 year old Chevy Chase. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.  Group discounts are available.



Exploring Geography at Wooler

Wooler provides a perfect location to explore a wide range of geographical topics right from Key Stage 1 through to university study and beyond.

Fieldwork is a key process for geography. From Wooler it is not only possible to access a unique and diverse range of landscape features but also to explore case studies covering the majority of geographical topics.

As well as the raw geographical material Wooler is able to provide the resources to help you make the most of your visit. Wooler Hostel offers accommodation and study areas. Archives and community records can be accessed in nearby Berwick-upon-tweed and specialists are on hand to act as guides.

Wooler has a unique place on the edge of an upland landscape formed from the ice eroded base of a 350Ma volcanic complex, yet only separated by a short strip of lowland agricultural landscape from one of the best examples of coastal landscape in the country.

It's community and commerce reflect it's location and offer the opportunity to study a small town acting as a hub for a rural, predominantly farming community as well as a growing tourism destination. This gives opportunities to study the Physical and Human Physical and Human Processes which are at work in Wooler. Contention between the community and requirements for resources (e.g. road aggregate and wind power) give useful opportunities to look at Environmental interaction and sustainable development.

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